Hi! Im Eric Pattmon.

 I am a computer programmer who works on video games, game assets, and pixel art.

Slime Jump

My Current aolo development, a single input platformer in which you play as a slime who jumps through obstacles desperately trying to get the highest.

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Clown Rancher

2024 Global Game jam Game with the theme of “Make me laugh”. You play as a clown herding sheep by making them laugh while fighting different foes with your shenanigans.

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Root tracer

2023 Global Game Jam Game with the theme of “Roots”. You play as the descendant of a line of ancestors to fight against evil spirits in different settings.

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2020 Global Game Jam Game with the theme of “Repair”. You play as Reppa, a robot who must repair himself and find a way out of a cave while fighting different enemies and repairing relationships with them.

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Game Development

I have been developing and designing games since 2017. I have most of my practice in unity but when introduced to other engines the transition was smooth.


I have my coding skills in c++, c#, java, and the godot engine.  

Pixel Art

I make pixel art for game assets and commisons.